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Sale Details

Sale Date and Inspection Times
Sale will commence at 1pm on Friday 20th October, 2017. Cattle may be inspected on our open day, on Friday 13th October, from 10am till 3pm.

Cattle on Sale
70 HBR Cows & Calves. 50 HBR Yearling Heifers. 20 HBR Bull (15 months)

Selling System
Sale will be conducted under normal auction conditions by the Agents on the day. GST will be added to the final price on each lot.

A 4% rebate is offered to outside Agents introducing buyers prior to the sale in writing and settling within 7 days.

Stock Health
Witherswood cattle carry the highest level of assurance possible (J-BAS8)
All bulls have been vaccinated with 7 in 1 and for vibriosis, also for pestivirus. Drenched annually. All bulls have been drenched.

AM, NH, CA and DD
All Sale stock are pedigree free or tested free for the known testable Genetic Faults.
Genetic status of individual lots identified in this catalogue.

VET Inspection
All Witherswood Angus Sale Bulls and Heifers have passed a comprehensive Breeding Soundness Examination, conducted by Dr .Reon Holmes of Holbrook Veterinary Centre.

Witherswood Bull Guarantee
All BULLS have been evaluated for structural soundness and fertility. To the best of our knowledge bulls are all in sound working order at the time of sale. If during the next 12 months, a bull becomes infertile or breaks down due to reasons other than illness, injury or disease contracted after leaving Witherswood, we will:

- provide you with a satisfactory replacement as quickly as is practicable so as to minimize the disruption to your joining program
- if a replacement bull is not available, issue you with a full credit (minus any salvage value) for the purchase of any one bull at the next Witherswood Sale.

Selling agents will be available on sale day to organise all insurance requirements.

Complimentary lunch will be provided, catered by Benalla Rotary Club.

Witherswood will pay the Society transfer fee to a current registered Angus Stud with the Angus Society of Australia. To enact the transfer a buyer must complete the relevant section on the buyer registration and advice slip on the Sale day. No verbal instructions will be taken, Otherwise females will be deregistered from the Witherswood herd.

All reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information provided in this catalogue is correct. However the vendor or the selling agent do not assume any responsibility for the correctness, use or interpretation of the information included in this catalogue.

Sale Bulls have been screened for temperament and are quiet to handle under normal circumstances. However sale day is not “Normal conditions” Sucklings Cows, in particular can present a very real threat to human safety, and visitors need to be alert for an overprotective mother becoming aggressive. Do not crowd the Cows.

Visitors enter the cattle pens at their own risk. CHILDREN MUST NOT ENTER THE YARDS.

People entering the yards are at risk of injury. Be especially alert for bulls fighting. We do not expect the bulls to be aggressive with humans, but Sale day places extraordinary pressure on them as they experience an entirely foreign environment. Remember the quietest bull is in fact an unpredictable animal.

Do not crowd the bulls or loiter inside the pens.
Don’t enter the pens unnecessarily.