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"Kingdom K35 a drawcard at this year’s Witherswood Angus sale"

"Kingdom K35 a drawcard at this year’s Witherswood Angus sale"

"Kingdom K35 a drawcard at this year’s Witherswood Angus sale"

20 March 2017

Witherswood Angus, based in Victoria’s north east and home to Australia’s most expensive Angus bull is expecting a high level of interest at their bull sale on March 21 at 1pm on site.

Witherswood’s Beef Day in February attracted over 200 people to see what will be on offer at the sale at Taminick.

Witherswood Angus is the home of Australia’s most expensive Angus bull, Kingdom K35, who was purchased by Witherswood as part of a consortium for $150,000 in September 2015.

Kingdom has recently returned home after a stint in collection for ten months, where he achieved the largest semen sales of an Australian Angus Bull in the last financial year.

On the return of Kingdom K35 to their property, and the upcoming bull sale, Witherswood owner John Woodruff said:

“We bought the bull on the back of his wonderful phenotype, so we are very happy that he managed to achieve such good results.

“The industry is buoyant at the moment, wiener prices are up, so we are looking forward to reaping the rewards of Kingdom when we start to see his progeny come through our sale down the track.”

Although Kingdom’s progeny will not be on sale this year, visitors and existing Witherswood clients are encouraged to come and see Kingdom in the flesh and view some of his young impressive offspring before they are to be offered for sale this time next year.

Witherswood has been producing world class bulls for more than 20 years, and the onsite property bull sale will see Witherswood offer 71 of their prized bulls, ranging from around 18-22 months old.

As reported in The Age on 21st June 2015,

“Cattle prices have hit a record high as surging international demand for Australian beef combines with drought – at home and abroad – to push up prices.” The consistent top quality of Witherswood Angus bulls will help to keep Australian cattle prices at the top of the competitive market.

In commenting on next Tuesday’s sale, Ian Peake, Stud Manager at Witherswood said:

“For this year’s sale, we have many bulls by some of our high performance sires. We have 11 sons from Millah Murrah Jackpot J137. Matauri Reality, who is a very well structured bull, has 7 sons in this year’s auction. Broken Bow, whose sons have been top sellers almost everywhere they have been offered has 6, and Black Angus Equator, who is a trait leader for 200,400 and 600 day growth has 3.

“Witherswood cattle are well known for their thickness, length, muscle and bone, and their ability to breed quality calves to suit all markets.”

The sale will be held on 21st March 2017, at 1pm at the Witherswood farm, 1185 Glenrowan Boweya Road, Taminick via Glenrowan.