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Beef Week Open Day at Witherswood Angus - 2nd February 2017

Welcome to Witherswood



Owners of the new record breaking bull Millah Murrah Kingdom k35 are Witherswood Angus principals John and Joan Woodruff, Glenrowan North East Victoria, Gilmandyke Angus Orange NSW, Jim and Jackie Wedge, Ascot Angus Warwick QLD. And ABS Australia. All three studs have been strong supporters of Millah Murrah genetics for many years.                                
He is an et-bred calf by New Zealand-bred Hingaia 469 from Millah Murrah Flower G41. His sire is Ancient Genetics by Angus breed standards, being a 1986 calf, but offering an important outcross to the breed.

John Woodruff says he shows a lot of old fashioned traits rare to find in today's Angus breed, with depth and thickness, good bone, strong head and lovely soft skin and will be a breed changer for the industry, it is rare to find a bull so even and correct in structure ‘a perfect package’ semen will be available through ABS Australia.
The sale also offered another opportunity for the syndicate to purchase lot 12 Millah Murrah Klooney K42, and Witherswood, Gilmandyke and West Australian Cherylton Park Angus, paid $80,000 to secure the bull.


Our Stud Manager Ian Peake has quickly settled in, and his experience and expertise is helping us, by blending new genetics into our long established herd.  The comments on our new generation of calves on display at Beef Week, were a real plus, and we look forward to an exciting next few years.

In this Sale,  we offer a consistent line up of quality bulls from proven Cow families.  “PREDICTABLE GENETICS ARE THE QUICKEST WAY TO HERD IMPROVEMENT”  

A video of our Sale Bulls is available on our website. We thank our past clients for their loyal support, and we welcome new clients and visitors to share our Sale day at


John & Joan Woodruff