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Welcome to Witherswood



Witherswood Angus, based in Taminick (via Glenrowan) in the Warby Ranges and home to Australia’s most expensive Angus bull held their first ever female sale on 20th October 2017. This sale was the first opportunity for the public to buy into the female side of Witherswood’s impeccable breeding program and it was a huge success.

After many years of breeding, Witherswood’s accelerated embryo programmes have increased their numbers, and this enables them to share their quality genetics with other breeders. A critical assessment of Witherswood’s herd has been taken each year. Their focus has always been on fertility, structure, temperament, longevity, and the ability for cows to raise a top quality calf every year.

Witherswood Angus is also the home of Australia’s most expensive Angus bull, Kingdom K35, who was purchased by Witherswood as part of a consortium for $150,000 in September 2015. Kingdom has recently returned home after a stint in collection for ten months, where he achieved the largest semen sales of an Australian Angus Bull.

Kingdom K35 and Klooney K42 have been pivotal in Witherswood’s program, and they are the first Victorian stud to offer their progeny for sale. The recent Millah Murrah sale in New South Wales saw yearling sons of Kingdom K35 sell up to $20,000, and Klooney K42 sell to $50,000, which is a new record for a yearling bull.